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"I do all the work myself." John Cossey

When you hire Blue Island Pool Service you're hiring me, John Cossey. Instead of depending on a crew that may or may not follow my rigid standards, I do all the work myself. Whether it's pool maintenance or pool equipment repair, I do it. Yes, my customer list is smaller, but I sleep well at night. Pool water likes to be happy and that's what I give my customers.

Family in nice clean pool.

20-Something Years of Experience

I learned the pool cleaning business from experienced family members. Then I went out on my own. To stay up-to-date with the industry's best practices, I go to pool and spa conventions where I attend seminars. There's always something new to learn. 

Mom swimming with baby. She's happy with her pool service.

Something I've noticed over the years ...

A lot of pool companies don’t balance the water. They just add chlorine to keep your pool from turning green. Pool water needs to be balanced to prevent scaling, etching, and staining. Keeping your pool water happy will extend the life of your pool plaster and tile and keep your pool looking good. Plus it will keep your water safe!

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