My pool cleaning customers say ...

"He's very accommodating to my needs."

Craig and his wife are happy with their pool cleaning service.

"I’ve been with Blue Island for ten years at least. John is a great guy. He’s always on time. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. He’s very accommodating to my needs. I think of him not just as a businessman but as a friend. He’s a good guy. And my pool always looks great."
Craig Johnson, Lemoore, CA

“I have no pool cleaning worries."

Sharon loves the pool cleaning service of John Cossey.

"Over the years, we’ve owned several homes with pools and John has always serviced our pool. He always shows up when I call, very dependable. So I have no pool cleaning worries. John is amazing and he’s a great guy!"
Sharon Golden, Visalia, CA

"My pool is always absolutely perfect."

Doug says his pool is perfect.

"I’ve been with Blue Island for ten years. John was one of my customers, so I thought I would give him a try. I’ve had a lot of irresponsible pool people over the years. Some have let dogs out and never went to retrieve them. I’ve lost dogs that way. With John, I’ve never had an issue. My pool is always absolutely perfect. He does an outstanding job!"
Douglas Downton, Kronik Gardening
Hanford, CA

"I live out in the country with fields all around ..."

"I’ve used John Cossey for more than 10 years. He does two pools for me. He’s always been great. Anytime something goes wrong, he’ll tell me how I can save money. I fiddle around with the pools and mess up. He’s always quick to fix my messes. I have a fence with a code and dogs. Sometimes I forget to lock up the dogs and he’s always good about working with me. I live out in the country with fields all around, but John manages to keep my pool clean."

Mark Lawrence, Visalia and Hanford, California